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Joining our Service is absolutely free, as are many of the services that Clinical Care Pharmacy offer.

We have a vast experience in managing your change over to a new medications supplier, and will ensure the process is as easy and seamless as possible for your care home.

Clinical Care Service

All of Clinical Cares services are geared towards delivering the highest level of care for our patients and ease of use for our colleagues within our care homes.

  • Specialist Dispensary – Clinical Care Pharmacy operates from a specialist dispensary that is closed to the public, enabling us to handle large volumes of work with relative ease. This helps us to ensure we do not have the same distractions as typical community pharmacies, enabling our staff to be committed to delivering the best standard of care to their care homes.
  • Prescription screening – The staff at Clinical Care utilise patient medical records and prescription information to screen each prescription, helping to prevent cycle shortages and improve stock management within the care home.
  • Out of Hours Service – Clinical Care Pharmacy understands that sometimes there is a urgent need for pharmaceutical advise & assistance within the care home, that is why we operate a out of hours service. Should you ever need any advice on medication you can rest assured Clinical Care Pharmacy will be there to support your care home.
  • Equipment & ancillary support – We offer a range of free of charge ( on loan ) equipment to help ensure the care home is adhering to the best practice with medicines management.
  • Training & Support – Clinical Care Pharmacy is committed to helping improve the knowledge of new and existing care staff through ongoing training and updates. We deliver an introduction to medication training session to all our care homes free of charge.
    • The introduction to medication course covers
      • Law & ethics governing medicines administration.
      • Administration of medication.
      • Refusal & destruction of medications.
      • Homely remedies.
      • Covert Administration.
      • Self administration.
      • Drug interactions.
    • The course is a 3 hour long session delivered by one of our specially trained pharmacy staff.
  • Medication management support – We support all of our homes with policy and internal audit support structures. Our aim is to help your team delivery high quality and safe medication management within your care home.
  • Clinical Care Pharmacy also creates and distributes a regular newsletter to help keep all of our care homes up to date with the latest changes in health and social care. The newsletter features a best practice section to help share and improve practice with care homes.
  • Medications Audits – We support all of our care homes with regular medications audits. We have developed our own unique audit tool to help assess how the home is managing medication with respect to the recommendations and guidelines of RPSGB and CQC.
  • Service Review – Clinical Care Pharmacy is committed to maintaining and evolving high standards of care, in order for us to improve we always send out regular feedback forms and are committed to annual medication management meetings with senior care staff at all of our homes. – under feedback enquiry form – linking not possible
Our Vision and Ethos
  • Offering excellent service to our homes and our patients is our No. 1 Priority.
  • Open and effective communication is central to maintaining our high standards.
  • Committed to improving ourselves through training and review,
  • Resolute in providing friendly personal and efficient service.
FAQ's for Care Homes
  1. Does Clinical Care Pharmacy Charge for any of their Care Home Services?
    Currently the vast majority of the Services we offer are on a free basis for any of the care homes we supply monthly medication for. We will continue to work in the future to keep our costs to a minimum so we can continue to deliver high quality services free of charge.
  2. Are you able to collect our care homes waste?
    We always work with our care homes to ensure that their waste needs are taken care of, and are always available for advice and training on the best practice for medicines disposal.
  3. What MDS system does Clinical Care Pharmacy pack its medicines into?
    Being a independent pharmacy and not tied to any one manufacturer of system; we are delighted to be able to offer a range of systems so that the care home can choose the one that best suits their needs. Please contact our team to discuss your homes needs and the best system that would suit them.
    Full training can be given with each system, to ensure that all staff understand how to use it to reorder, administer and store medication effectively.

Patient information leaflets – The Electronic Medicines Compendium provides a information, patient information leaflets (PILs) and Summary of Product Characteristics (SPCs) on thousands of medicines. It is a invaluable source of specific information about a drugs charteristics, storage conditions and interactions.

Information on conditions & Medications – This user friendly website provides information directly to patients and residents on a myriad of conditions. It has a extensive amount of literature to download and print off for residents about maintain healthy lifestyles and helping to support them to make the best health choices.

The BNF online – gives specific in depth medication about all UK licensed medications, their interactions and side effects. To use the site fully requires registration.

Clinical Knowledge summaries – Is a site aimed at healthcare professionals to use to help provide reliable evidence based advise for a huge variety of clinical conditions.

Regulation – Care Quality Commisions website is the prime source of regulatory standards and advice for care homes and other health & social care providers.